Uma visão regenerativa para a gestão integrada da Floresta e Agricultura

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24 Abril 2018 10:00


24 Abril 2018 12:00


UTAD - Auditorium of Forestry Sciences - ECAV, Vila Real

The conference begins the recent partnership between UTAD and The Natural Step Portugal - Association for Sustainable Development (TNS).

TNS is a Swedish NGO source that applies for almost 30 years the A framework for strategic sustainable development , based on scientific principles upon which means full sustainability (environmental and social) and how to achieve.

Strongly linked to Swedish and international academia, the partnership with TNS UTAD comes to extend this network of research and training to Portugal.

Understanding the importance of adding other entities and experts with systems thinking sustainability, TNS and UTAD invited to this conference to reforest Portugal and your partner Symbiosis Agroforestry, which are to carry out a tour of practical training in various areas of Portugal .

The aim of this lecture a relevant synthesis for a heterogeneous public, promoting awareness of new approaches able to address important challenges Portugal faces


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